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 Children's Day leads me to think about how children should be brought up.  Today it is said that parents are too intent on pleasing their children by doing everything for them.  For the purpose of promoting strong and healthy mind and body for their children, parents should take time to discuss child-rearing difficulties with other parents and even other parents' problems. 
 A farmer once told me, "There is time for treading wheat.  When it is downtrodden at a particular time, it grows back stronger and is able to withstand bad weather.  But if it has already grown tall and thin, treading is unadvisable.  The wheat will not recover from the treading and most likely dies."
 It is true that it is necessary to encourage our children with prizes. However, too much undue prizes, refraining from scolding and/or children when warranted will surely spoil them.  If children are spoiled, they will not be able to cope with the difficulties that will confront them later in their lives.  Grown-ups who are not capable enough to take care of themselves will not be relied on by others.  We must not overly pamper and spoil our children.