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 The end of the summer holiday is close to at hand, which I can easily imagine is driving children into a flurry to finish their homework they have neglected to do.
 Little by little, they will be forced to get ready to prepare for the second term of school.  On reflection, not only the children, but do not grown-ups as well need to switch over their ways of thinking?  In the heat of the summer, we have been so terribly exhausted that we have lost vigor in both mind and body.  We must throw ourselves into renewed efforts to regain this vigor that will carry us through the remainder of the year.
 Do you remember the phrase ichigo ichie?  Referring to the book 'A Glossary of Zen Terms' by H. Inagaki, this phrase translates as "One encounter, once in a lifetime."  Ichigo ichie is an important phrase that is often used in Sado Time passes without delay and your past will never ever return.  An English dictionary defines the word 'now' as meaning "at the present time; in the immediate past; in the time immediately follow."  We live in the present and the time that is ceaselessly passing-to-the-future.  The future is total darkness, nobody knows what tomorrow may bring.  Nobody can even be sure if they will be alive tomorrow or even in one hour hour's time from now.  It is impossible for you to know how your life will turn out to be.  This very moment is the only time when you exist without a doubt.  How dear the people you live with are, such as your family, intimate friends or your partners, lovers, it is likely that your permanent co-existence with them is impossible.  Your lives together cannot really be guaranteed to continue, even for just one moment longer than this passing very moment.  In this sense, your life can be said to an accidental continuance of an existence that is conditioned by each passing moment in time.  The most important thing you have to bear in mind is how sincere you should be to make the most of every moment you happen to be alive.
 Life is short, and as it passes it cannot be regained.  However faultless you may be in your own conduct, there is no life without some measure of regret.  Give up on high opinions you have of yourself and strive for perfection and faultless.
Come on, get going!
You're going out see some playmates, aren't you?
Come on, get going!
Are you aware that the summer holiday will be ending soon?