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My road is as it should be!
Pebbles might be scattered,
It might be hard to walk on, however,
My road is wide and continuing!
 This is a poem composed by Shimpei Kusano.  Our life is given by Heaven and is the only one we can have while in this world.  We must keep living it, whatever kind of life that it may be until that time comes to say our farewells and return it to Heaven.  The road of life does not allow us to stray it off.  However, how to live one's life in order to walk admirably along this road is a problem to be solved by your own good sense and judgment.  The poem above is an expression of Kusano's philosophy on life that he decided upon.  Under the same title, what type of poem would you compose?
 When I ask myself this question, I feel overwhelmed by the poet's decisiveness and romanticism.  I feel ashamed that I have rarely lived as romantically and decisively as he has, and on many occasions, pay too much or unnecessarily careful attention to others, what and how they think of me or what they say about me.
 I am wondering if the path I have been following until now is the one that I have really chosen for myself in the true sense of the word.  I sometime suddenly suspect that I have often admired other person's opinions so mush that I have lost confidence in those of my own.  I am not sure if there can be found any consistency between yesterday and today's way of thinking.
 I quite often feel like a mere bamboo-leaf drifting at the mercy of the 'waves' of society and am ashamed of having considered myself a freethinking being rather than an instinctive animal.
 We now have quiet, calm autumn nights that are ideal for reading and meditation.  I am determined that I will follow Shimpei Kusano's example and think seriously about life.  Might I ask you what path in life you aspire to follow.