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 While still in his thirties, Mr. Tamura lost three of his family; his mother, his older brother who was also his especially entrusted advisor and his wife unexpectedly to a sudden illness. They each were treasure to him.  Who could imagine how grieved and dejected he felt?  He has since spent many days having a mass read for the repose of the souls of his beloved family members.
 One day, he opened his family's death register and saw the many names of his ancestor written on it.  "how many people I am descended from" he thought.  At that moment, he felt much closer to them all and felt more aware as to where he stood within his family as a whole.  "Now I have lost my brother as well as my mother.  I am my ancestors' one and only blood descendent still alive.  No one but me can succeed and maintain the Tamura family name. Go-senzo-sama (the Japanese term for 'ancestor) must be expecting me to perform this duty.  If so, I will try to stay healthy for as long as possible and live up to Go-senzo-sama's expectations.  The expectations and protection of Go-senzo-sama may support me in my life.  This is something to be thankful for."
 Mr. Tamura had been indifferent to performing memorial services or visiting the graves of his ancestors.  But the successive deaths of his mother, brother and wife shook him from this indifference and bought him to a greater realization of his past family.
 The festival of the Dead has come.  "As the only survivor of the Tamura family," says Mr. Tamura, "I would like to welcome with all my heart the souls of my mother, brother and wife and other ancestors.  My earnest wish, as the only remaining member of my family, is to live respectful life, so that I will not sully the honorable family name of Tamura."