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 The first of nature's physician is sunlight.  For how long do you bathe in the sun's rays during the day?  Everybody knows the importance of the sun's role for living things, yet many people, particularly those who are busy with work, spend most of their time out of the sun.  I would like to advise these people to give every moment they can spare to enjoying the sun's ray.
 The second is air.  Without it, we cannot live even for a minute (Life is measured in seconds.)  In spite of this, the air we breathe is often polluted and its degradation is becoming more serious.  Do you live somewhere you can breathe clean and fresh air?  It is now a well established fact that cigarette smoke is harmful not only to one's health whose smokes, but also non-smokers' whose often breathe in the cigarette smoke just by being close by.  Do you smoke?  Are you aware that one cigarette will shorten your life by four minuets and thirty seconds, and at the same time increase the odds of lung cancer by five or six times?
 The third is water.  Animals in their natural state drink nothing but fresh water.  Without which they must be prepared for death.  In contrast, many of us human-beings have no choice, but to drink water which is polluted by factory wastes, cleaners and fertilizers rendering it unpalatable and unfit for drinking. What a terrible situation!
 The fourth is food.  I think that any sort of food which science can produce, despite the great progress we have made in this era, is not only less healthy than what nature gives us, but also even harmful.  Nowadays I hear that more and more people are consuming food that has been improved by the labors of science.  As the proverb goes, "Nature is the best physician," let's listen to her more carefully.
 The fifth is exercise.  Plants perish when their roots decompose, and in the animal kingdom, one who is weak or slow of leg will be first to fall victim to predators.  In the case of humans, it is the most important for us to strengthen our legs with some form of exercise.  How are your legs?
 The sixth is rest.  A person who is from other country once asked me, "I see it very often that Japanese people falling asleep on their desks or while reading books in trains. Do they not get enough sleep at night?"  Since Japanese salary-men work such long hours, many medical specialists have come to agree that it is a serious problem as these men are falling ill and even dying from overworking.  Is it so honorable for one to work themselves into hospital or an early grave for their sake of their company? No I do not think so.  You must have more time to relax.  It is necessary for both your own health and that of your company's.  It is only a while there is health that there is hope.
 The seventh is mind.  It is said that the mind rules the body.  To take care your physical being is important, of course, but when your mind is unsettled your body, it will over-rule the mind, which will cause to lead illness.  Keep your mind strong.
 What excellent physicians nature provides us with!  Let's believe in and take heed of them.