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At most schools, the first school term is over, and the summer holiday has begun.  In every home, the school report becomes the main topic of their conversation, especially for the parents.
 In the report, students' results are recorded in figures and their personalities are evaluated into some levels, such as above average, average or below average.  The report is a record of their present condition in school based upon the class teachers' judgment, which is by
 no means infallible and does not forecast students' futures.  However, I know the mothers who regard the school report as a determinant of their children's futures.  It is a matter, of course that they are absolutely wrong.  A runner who passes the 100-meter point in first place is not always first to reach to the 200-meter point and who started out last may finish first.  School days are nothing but the start point of the journey of life.  It is beyond anyone's ability to foresee what results children will attain during this journey.
 Attending the school reunion may bring you many surprises.  Your old classmate who used to have little inclination for study may now be a university professor or one who had a delicate health problem became a swimming instructor.
 It is universal to foretell school children's futures based on how they are doing at school now.  As the Buddha said, everyone has their own seed that never fails to grow into a beautiful flower or fruit.  Keep that in mind and always be diligent.  No one can tell children's potential.
 Let's not make a hasty judgment on their future grounded on what they look like, but rather look forward to seeing what they will grow into.