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Do you know who gave you your name?  Was it your parents, grandparents or the Buddhist priest at your family temple?
One young man I know who in the past has thought little of names including his own, is at present concerned about selecting a good name.  The reason for this sudden interest is that he is about to become father I the not too distant future.  He said to me, "I'm poor. I don't have much money neither the property to leave for my child after my death.  The only thing I can do for him is to give him a good name, one that he will be satisfied with and proud of throughout his whole life."  He told me that he had already written a list of over twenty names that he thought were suitable for both boy and girl.
Within a several days after the birth, one is given their name.  During wartime, Hideo was implying to heroic, Katsuo implying to victory, were popular.  In peacetime, Kenichi implying to health-first, Sachiko implying to become happy, were common names.  You should think about the significance of your name and get some ideas of what your parents wished to cherished when they chose it for you.
A proverb says, "Names and nature often agree."  Of course, this is often the case, but not always.  However, I think your name is important as it will plat a part in making you what you are.  Your name is not just a word or to differentiate you from others.  That is why your parents racked their brains to find a name that was desirable to give to their baby, you.  This name, I think, reflects their expectations for you to grow up and be worthy of it.  You should always be prepared to meet these expectations.
Can you say without hesitation that you have lived up to your parents' expectation?