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 Some people believe that a newly purchased Buddhist altar will invite death.  Or should altar be too big so as to fill it with souls.  It goes without saying that both beliefs are only superstition.  I also hear that a growing number of families started furnishing their living rooms with a Buddhist altar, believing that it will be helpful to the education of their children.  I am sure that whether they have an altar in their house or not makes little difference to their educational ability.
 However, juvenile delinquency or the estrangement of children from their parents would decrease in number, of youngsters came to cherish, respect and be grateful to their parents, grandparents and ancestors.  This way of respect can be performed by clasping their hands in prayer at their family altar.  It is a habit easily taken up if they realize that their own existence has come about due to the love of their parents and that of an unbroken line of ancestors.  Being brought up in such a religious atmosphere, it is probable that youngsters will be freed, although not completely, from selfishness, which is the source of all evils.  As they grow older, they will feel thankful for living in a house containing an altar, which is often referred to as 'the House of Buddha,' not failing to find peace in their minds.
 I have a friend who has a little girl of kindergarten age.  According to him, whenever she is given some sweets, she first offers them to ancestral spirits before eating them.  I suppose that this family has had a Buddhist altar for many generations and adhered to the practice of offering food or sweets to the altar before eating.  Since she was born she must have seen this custom many times.  Imaging the little girl sitting in front of the altar offering her sweets to her ancestral spirits with her tiny hands joined in prayer.  Would you not feel your own soul purified?  I know that other child of this same friend is a well-mannered and obedient boy.  That is to be expected of a child who has been bought up in a devout family like them.