Put just your left foot on your
right thigt.
 7.Posture of the trunk

Sit straight,leaning nei-ther
to the left nor tothe right,
neither for-ward nor backward.

Placeyour right hand palm-up on your left foot, and your left
hand palm-up on your right palm.
The tips of your thumbs should
belightly touching each other.
 9.The eyes

Keep your eyes slightly open.
Cast them downward a tabout a 45 angle.Without focusing on any partcular thing,let everything have its place in your field of vision.
If your eyes are c1osed,you will easily drift into drowsiness or day- dreaming.

(Exhale completey and take a breath)Quietly make a deep exhalation and inhalation.Slightly open your mouth and exhale smoothly and Slowly.In order to expel all the air from your lungs,exhale from the abdo-men.Then close your mouth and inhale through your nose nat- urally.This is called kanki-issoku.

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